This winter season is all about the big fuzzy coat. These coats are made up of mink, sable, or lynx to keep you warm throughout the day. The big coat is the biggest trend this fall-winter. These fuzzy coats are so thick that they can protect you from the winter seasons.

Style them:

Pair up your big coat with your jeans, which are tight to your body as the coat is bigger to give a balanced look to your outfit. You can also pair them with skirts and dresses too.

When to wear them:

The best time to wear these coats is during the fall-winter seasons. They will keep you warm through the season. They are very comfortable to wear as well as to style up.

Are they still in trend?

These oversized coats are the biggest trend this chilly season. They are all over the runways with the most well-known brands.

Bottom Line:

These coats are so in trend this season to keep you comfy. They are soft and lightweight which makes you feel great against your skin. Get your fuzzy coats out of your closet this winter and get the perfect look.



These are known as thigh-high boots because they are extended over the knees. These are originally made of leather, nowadays there are other versions found like a synthetic materials.

Fit :

These kinda knee-high boots are suitable for everyone. It makes your legs look slimmer and taller. These can fit anyone regardless of their height.

When to wear :

You can wear your high boots during fall and winter, this is the perfect time for your boots.

Pairing them :

You can pair them with jeans, skirts, dresses, and leggings. You can also pair up your high boots with your skinny jeans, short skirts, midi length skirts, or tight or flows dresses.

Bottom line :

The high boots are in trend right now this fall and winter. All the latest brands have launched theirs on the runway, so get yours and walk as if you are on the runway.

Flared Jeans

My love for jeans is eternal and it will never fade away….
Now its all time for loose fitted jeans, skinny jeans is kinda going out of the frame from few seasons now.

Flared jeans are so versatile that getting a pair can revamp your wardrobe. It will give you the great look in this summer.
Flared jeans are all over the social media, platforms like Instagram are driven by visuals, and now they are back on trend. Flared jeans are not only comfortable but also trendy due to their beautifully designed shape.

History of Flares

The flare pants first came into the picture during the 19th century and were worn by the American sailors in the navy, as they were bell like shape at bottom. These pants were not worn out of fashion they were practically wore. These wide leg pants made their work easier, even wearing and removing boots were easier. Flare pants were famous among the hippies due to their bell bottom shape of the pants that gave a boho look to the style. During this time flare pants were gaining popularity, as some celebrities started wearing them.
By the early 70s soon flared entered into the music industry. Flare now stared appearing on the world’s catwalks.
People got their flared jeans as staple to their wardrobe collection, it started becoming a trend.

Flared jeans are also known as ‘bell-bottoms’ due to their shape as they are wider from the knee, forming a bell shaped structure below. They are paired well with platform boots, as it adds some height and gives an elongated look to the legs. These flared jeans are either high waisted or low waisted which makes them flatter on all figures. The high waisted flared jeans dose give your legs an elongated effect, also we should carefully pair them with other clothes and accessories.
If you are looking for some statement look then just go! for these bell bottoms, they are just perfect. These flared leg gives a classic look to your outfit.

How to Style your Flare

We can style your flared jeans with any minimal crop top, which will give a clean look to the flares at the bottom.
It would give a chic look if the top is more of a fitted paired with a white sneakers. You also add some accessories like a sling bag. This would be a everyday minimal go-to look ootd.
For more classy look you can add some jewelry like few chains or pendants with matching earrings.

Color Scheme

Wearing all same color can make you look elegant too…
Like putting on a black flared jeans with a black blouse can make you look taller paired up with some heels. Accessorize them with a hand bag and get down the show for the perfect look. These kinda look dose the perfect job!

Flared jeans can be paried perfectly with blouses, crop t-shrit and roll necks.

Why are Flared jeans so popular in 2022?

Though the trend started in 70s this popularity is gonna stay in 2022. These flared jeans have made an alternative to our skinny jeans. They are all over the runways. Flared jeans are also transformed into flared pants to give it more comfortable edgy look. Flared jeans are perfect for a go-to look.


It’s chilling out, but we still like to be in trend. It’s time to keep yourself warm, with our
jackets. So put on your jackets, beat the cold and get to the streets as if there is a runway
waiting for you.

The fluffy, bulky looking puffer jacket is on the trend that keeps you warm throughout the
winter. This season is all about the oversized puffer jacket look, that gives you the
eye-catching look.
The puffer jackets are very lightweight as they are filled with synthetic fiber, that helps to
create an insulating layer between your body and our outer world.
With the puffer jacket we can even hit the streets even if it is raining or snowing.

Basic color puffer jackets can never go wrong but if you want to step out of your comfort
zone, there are puffer jackets with different types of color in them. The pop of color in
the jackets keeps you warm giving you that trendy look throughout the winter.


Summer is almost over now its's time to get all cozy up, with some fuzzy socks and hot
chocolate, sounds happy to me. So now let's dig into some of our wardrobe collection.
Cropped jackets are a prefect wardrobe staple, they look so edgy. Their hemline fits perfectly
just above the waist line, giving it the cropped look. Cropped jackets give a definition to
your waist.
This cropped denim jacket emphasizes your curves showing the waistline perfectly. It has been
paired up with a cropped top and a joggers. The cropped top are a true fit to the body and the
joggers are loose fit pants, teamed up with a white pair of sneakers. It gives a nice sporty
look to your outfit.
Cropped jackets will keep you warm without ruining your outfit. As the winter season is around
the corner, these jackets are a perfect wardrobe collection. They will keep you warm while
giving you that sporty, edgy look.
Cropped jackets can be paired well with dresses any kind of pants or even wide shorts. These
kind of jackets can be paired with almost any kind of outfit.
It's all about the style you choose that you want to pull out with just a piece of clothing.

FALL\WINTER 2021-2022


Wearing different pieces of outfits together using single color from head to toe.
This might sound easy to you, but there is a kind of art to it. They fall under
the same color tone with different sades of color. We need to mix different patterns,
fabrics within the outfit to give it a contrast. Use accessories to break the monochromatic


A single piece of clothing is used to drape around your body, they are held to the body
by means of tying drawstrings or knotting, they can also be held by plain gravity. They
are not cut away or been stitched as they are done in tailoring garments.


It became popular in the 60’s and now they are back in trend, and are all over the runway.
They will always remain the most loved wardrobe collection. Skirts with hemline several
inches above the knee are refer to as mini skirts. It became popular in the 60’s. You can
style it up or style it down.



Pastels are the softer versions of any colors. Lately pastel
colors are growing in this summer.You can never go wrong with
black,but pastals are the new trend which look so chic and fun
to wear. Pastel colors are so soft shades, muted color.

Drawstring and Tie Detailings

These drawstring are so flattering on any outfit, it
helps to create some shape to your body. You can style your
drawstring tops with some lose pants so that we can balance with
both the style.


Earlier women used corsets to chinch down their waist, in order
to slim down their waist.

And then this turned out into a trend.
In this summer runway we saw some of the beautiful corsets, like
corset type top style made of silk, floral corsets etc.

Bermuda Short

You can dress them up with a blazer and that will give you a
chic look. They are very comfortable to wear.
You can find these shorts in denim, cotton also in leather.


Trench coat

Now as summer has arrived trench coat are a perfect wardrobe staple.
These trench are so light in weight and very easy to carry.
They look so elegant when you carry them with your outfit.
These trench are alternative to more heavy duty garments,
as they were discovered in the 90’s for the military inspired design
as the heat of the fashion.
The runway included puff shoulder trench ,classic trench with a
mix of black leather and denim, oversized trench
cape style trench.

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are going to be in this trend, they are flared at the bottom
some do have a slight slit at the bottom,
which gives an elegant style to your look. Team up your wide leg jeans
with a silk shirt or even kind a boho top or a classic white t-shirt,
it will give a perfect look to your outfit. The wide leg jeans were discovered in the 90’s
by the rappers, they used to wear a very baggier version of the jeans.
Later these baggy jeans became popular in the late 90’s till mid 20’s.
After a while these baggy jeans were replaced by trousers.
A pair of wide leg jeans looks always so sheek, they are more casual than any
trousers. These wide leg jeans are an alternative to any skinny jeans.
They look perfect when paired with a high heels or even a platform heels.
Wear them cropped or long, both looks perfect for any kind of occasion.

Floral Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is very light and flowy, and it looks very elegant, perfect for
an afternoon time. In the runway there was some sheer maxi dresses,
there were also some beautiful high neck long sleeve sheer maxi dress,
they also included printed maxi dresses, sheer floral maxi dress,
also some patch work maxi dress.
Maxi dresses are usually designed for the day time, as they are flowy and
light. Maxi dress are flared at the bottom, they are very different from
any sort of mini dress. Well I do think that maxi dresses do make a
statement. We can choose a maxi dress with some details like unusual
neckline, a cinched in waist pattern, a high split along the thighs,
also a plunging neckline. We can also go in detail with the kind of the
fabric of the dress or even the detail going on the dress, like lace details
or even cold shoulder.

Chinos and Trousers

Style them with a white shirt and blazers. In 2021 runway
we have also seen cropped chinos, a khaki style trousers,
paired with a sequence top. Masculine type of trousers are also on
on the trend. Chinos and Trousers are a very versatile kind of pants that
are combined with modern style. Chinos were used as a military uniforms
a long while ago. And later on they used less fabric and made a slimmer fit
kind of a new version of Chinos, which is so on the trend till now.

Oversized Shirts

We can pair these kind of an over sized shirt with a jeans and heels
or even we can put a belt around the waist to cinch it down,
so that it looks more put together. We can also pair an
oversized shirt with a pair of shorts and some sneakers would go perfectly
as any casual outfit.

Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion is a vast platfom. But the great news is that warmer days are coming, so we can get all the spring clothes out of our wardrobe. There are lots of trends for summer fashion.

1.Lose Fitted Jeans

Starting from lose fitted pants which are comfy but yet trendy, moms jeans are the best option during summer as they are wide at the bottom and comfortable too. Trousers are also on trend. A plain t-shirt would go with any kind of bottoms. Skinny jeans, distressd jeans and ripped jeans are also in trend nowadays.

fashion trends 2019

2Tops and Tees

There are many ways to style an over sized t-shirt.
White tees are a great option for summer, they look classy as well as edgey. Over sized t-shirt or shirts will go perfectly with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans added with a plain t-shirt and sneakers would be a perfect match. Plain tees can go well with shorts. Bell sleved tops with floral prints are also on trend during spring. Crop tops are also a very good option. Tank tops are much preffered in summer.

fashion trends 2019


Pointes stiletoes to sneakers, there are a vast choices in shoes. Floral dress with a pointed heels or even sneakers would be a perfect match. Wedges, fancy flats are on the go. A good pair of shoes would would give an extra edge to the whole outfit.

fashion trends 2019


Over sized hats with a dress one of the trendy looks in summer. Oversized hats are perfect for the beach.

fashion trend 2019